Hi ! Welcome to CurrySide.

If you love Indian food, just like millions of folks around the world do, psst….let me tell you something… it’s one of the things I crave for when I want that ‘I’m back at home’ feeling.

Being a South Indian (Keralite) born and raised in Mumbai (India), cooking Indian food has long been an essential part of my family tradition.

Be it culinary delights from the South of India, namely Kerala, (Have some of you visited Kerala – God’s Own Country yet?) or even, food from Mumbai – the melting pot of cuisines from across the length and breadth of India.

My childhood memories of home are incomplete without the flavours and aromas of home-cooked food, that brought alive the magic of the warm turmeric, the fiery chillies, the robust coriander, fragrant cardamom and a host of spices. That tingles my tastebuds even today.

And now that I have my own little family and kids, I find myself going back to the same warm traditions, of cooking meals at home …. again!

Here, at CurrySide, I share recipes that are very much a part of my daily fare, since the past 15 years, one that can be made, with minimal time, and readily available ingredients.

Nothing too fancy, yet something that can be part of your own lovingly prepared home-cooked meals too. Do try them, and share your experience with me, as well anyone who may benefit from it.

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Till then, happy cooking and enjoy!

Flavorfully yours,

CurrySide !