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Bhindi Fry, Vedakka Mezhukuperati
Yields: 1 Serving Difficulty: Easy Prep Time: 10 Mins Cook Time: 12 Mins Total Time: 22 Mins

Vendakka Mezhukuperatti, is a simple Stir Fried Recipe from Kerala. ‘Vendakka’ means Ladies Finger and ‘Mezhukuperatti’ means Fried. Also, Bhindi Fry or Vendakkai Poriyal are the popular names of this dish.

Across India, people cook Ladies Finger in various styles. You can make a dry dish or even a delicious curry with it.

In some Southern regions of India, people also call it Vendakkai. Also, it is popularly known as Bhindi in India’s national language Hindi. In some countries, you find it by the name of Okra or Ladies Finger.

Part of A Healthy Diet

This Vendakka or Bhindi Fry (or Ladies Finger Fry) recipe is simple and delicious. Plus it is super healthy too. So, health experts recommend it for keeping diabetes under control.

Health experts also recommend having ladies finger. This is for people suffering from Joint Flexibility issues.

How Versatile it is 

You can relish it as a side dish with Steamed rice. And, if you are like me, can you gobble it up with Chapatti or Roti – just like that 🙂

This stir fry recipe is mildy tempered with turmeric, green chillies, mustard and fennel seeds, and aromatic curry leaves. It is quick to cook for an everyday lunch or dinner too, if you are short on time.

A simple menu of white rice, Vendakka Mezhukuperatti and Moru Kachiyathu (Tempered Buttermilk curry) or a spicy Red Fish Curry is a perfect combination for a wholesome meal.

Vendakka or Ladies Finger is a delicate vegetable and cooks within 10 minutes.

The Ladies Finger is very versatile and is used in a stand-alone recipe. You can even combine it with many vegetarian dishes such as Sambaar, Theeyal (lip-smacking Roasted Coconut based Kerala curry), Mixed Veg Dry side dish.

I make Vendekka Mezhukuperatti at times to go alongside a simple dal and curd. That makes for my quick lunch or dinner. I spice it mildly for my kids. They are happy to have it too with no complaints 🙂

Pro Tip 

Since it is slimy inside, ensure that it is thoroughly washed and dried completely, BEFORE you chop it. Otherwise, you find that the slime oozes out, as you wash the cut Vendakka. Also, use fresh tender ladies finger for this recipe.

So, let me show you how to make Vendakka Mezhukuperatti. Please share your experience in the comments section below. Also, share the recipe with your family and friends if you like it!

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  • Thoroughly wash and dry fresh tender Ladies finger. Cut it into small pieces as shown.
  • Pour oil into the pan. Once oil is hot enough, put in the Mustard seeds and also the fennel seeds. Once it splutters, proceed to the next step.
  • Add Green Chilles and Curry Leaves to the pan. Saute it for a 30 to 45 seconds on medium flame.
  • Add shallots or the required quantity of onions to the pan. Saute it till it is not raw anymore. The onion has to wilt in the pan. This may take 1 or 2 minutes.
  • Add in the turmeric. Take care not to burn it since powdered spices burn quickly once added into a hot pan. Lowering the flame to low will help prevent burning of the turmeric. Mix well.
  • Raise the flame to medium. Add the cut Ladies Finger into the pan. Mix well and combine it with spices and fried onion.
  • Add Salt to taste. Mix well. Cover and cook on medium flame for about 10 to 12 minutes till cooked through. There is no need to add extra water, since there is some water content in the ladies finger itself. It will cook in its own steam, if cooked covered. Check in between to prevent the ladies finger from sticking to the pan. Sprinkle few drops of water only if it sticks to the pan and has not been cooked through.
  • After about 10 to 12 min, the ladies finger will be cooked through. It is ready to be served. Enjoy !


  • Use fresh and tender ladies finger for this recipe.
  • Always wash and dry the ladies finger thoroughly, before cutting. This will prevent the slime from oozing into the water used to wash it.

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