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Cabbage Stir Fry
Yields: 4 Servings Difficulty: Easy Prep Time: 10 Mins Cook Time: 10 Mins Total Time: 20 Mins

This Cabbage stir fry is quick to make, uses minimum ingredients and is a healthy side dish for a simple meal. Cabbage stir fry is also known as ‘Patta Gobi Subzi’ across India. ‘Patta Gobi’ stands for cabbage.

I make this cabbage stir fry very often as a side dish for a simple meal of rice and curry, or even with chapatti and roti (an Indian flatbread). It is a regular dish that you will find in my home, every other week, when it is readily available.

We also serve this as a part of the famous Onasdaya (grand feast) served during Onam. Onam is the harvest festival of Kerala (a lush green state of South India).

How I made it:

I made this dish in a traditional South Indian way, using a green cabbage. You can try this with purple cabbage too. In this cabbage stir fry, I specially added freshly grated coconut. It adds a beautiful sweet undertone to this stir fry. Try it this way. You will love the taste!

I also tempered it with some mustard seeds, dried red chillies and aromatic curry leaves, in coconut oil. I used fresh slit green chillies to up the spice level a bit. However, you can definitely adjust the spice level to suit your taste buds.

Tip : Always use a matured and meaty coconut for the gratings. The one that has a hard brown outer shell and firm white flesh inside. Tender coconut will not be suitable for this dish.

What can you pair it with:

I sometimes add green lentils or moon to the cabbage stir fry, to add some amount of healthy protein to it.

Sometimes, I also make this stir fry by mixing in grated or finely chopped carrots. Carrots work very beautifully with cabbage. It adds a touch of sweetness to the stir fry.

At times, I mix in healthy green leafy vegetables like spinach, or seasonally available leafy greens. That is super healthy. I also chop in fresh lettuce into the cooked stir fry and mix it all up!

It is common to find a cabbage stir fry with green peas and potatoes. Yumm…. Comforting and tasty.

Try adding tomatoes to it for a tangy twist. I do that sometimes.

You can try making it with any available vegetable of your choice. Mix and match it and find what pairing you like best. It is fun to experiment with your cooking, right?  🙂

Cabbage is good to boost your immunity. If you are looking for recipes to stay at a healthy weight, you can include this cabbage stir fry in your diet.

What other curries can you make as a combination:

This time a made the cabbage stir fry with my favorite shrimp curry in a coconut gravy. (Delicious!)

You can also try this dish with Raw mango curry (Pacha Manga curry). Another one of my favorites!

If you want to make something simpler, try making the tempered Buttermilk curry (Moru Kachiyathu). It is one of the simplest curries that you can make.

If you are in the mood for seafood, try the cabbage stir fry with a tamarind infused and spicy Red fish curry that I made with Tilapia and a Raw Banana Fry.

Some other yummy and simple stir fries that you can try with this dish are:

I have shared step by step instructions and their pictures too make it is easy for you, to try it out.

So go ahead! Prepare this simple but tasty cabbage stir fry and write in your experience, in the comments section.

Also, if you liked this recipe, please do share it with your family and friends. Thanks 🙂


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  • Wash and dry the cabbage well. Chop it as shown.
  • Add oil to the pan. When the oil is hot enough, just before the smoking point, add mustard seeds to it. Allow it to crackle.
  • As soon as the mustard seeds crackle, add in the chopped ginger, chopped garlic, green chillies, dried red chillies and curry leaves. Saute all the ingredients well for a minute or till the rawness of the ginger and garlic goes away.
  • Add in the chopped onions. Saute them slightly, for a few seconds.
  • Add in the chopped cabbage.
  • Add turmeric powder. Mix well.
  • Finally add in the grated coconut. Add in salt as per your taste. Give it all a good mix.
  • Cover it and cook. The cabbage releases its own water. So, there is no need to add extra water. Check in between and stir, so that it does not stick to the bottom of the pan. Cook till the rawness of the cabbage goes away. You may cook it for a little while longer if you prefer a softer cabbage stir fry. Enjoy it with as a side dish with rice and any curry of your choice. Or have it with soft hot rotis or chapatti.


  • As mentioned earlier, always use coconut gratings from a mature coconut that has a hard brown shell and firm white flesh inside. Tender coconuts will not give the desired results for this cabbage stir fry.
  • If whole coconut is not available, you may find pre-packed grated coconut, in the frozen section of your local grocery store.
  • Outside of India, you may mostly find grated coconut in Indian grocery stores.
  • Using coconut oil in the tempering will give the most authentic and traditional flavor. However, you may substitute it with any other oil of your choice, such as gingelly oil, sunflower oil, etc.

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